Primary Course.

"Pain, Passion, & Joy" Facial Expression

A three-month complete study in Upper Body & "Front" Movement.

Orientation offered but not mandatory.

ONLY $195!!!!

Secondary Course.

Achieving and Dancing with "Nephis"

A three-month complete study in Lower Body & "Back" Movement.

Must have completed the Primary Course.  Continues on the same day and time.

Buy Primary & Secondary Courses for only $371.50.  (Save 5% or $19.50)



Tuesday, October 6, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

Sausan Method
Egyptian Dance Code®

Tertiary Course.

Complete Learned Movement Application

A three-month complete study in Entities of Music & Fluid Movement Expression.

Must have completed the Secondary Course.  Continues on the same day and time.

Buy Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Courses for only $526.50.  

(Save 10% or $58.50)




Aplied Basic Principle 

Course and Beyond.

Classic Egyptian Music Study for Performance

A three-month study a piece of classic Egyptian music for performance.

Must have completed the Tertiary Course.  Continues on the same day and time.

Completion of all four courses with graduate performance enables additional performance opportunities and Continuing Education courses.

Buy all FOUR Courses for only $663 (Save 15% or $117)

------- ABOUT SAUSAN -------

Master Teacher of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance, San Francisco, CA since 2000  •  Choreographer/Artistic Director of the Sausan Ensemble Egyptian Dance Company since 2009  •  Owner and Executive Chef of Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant, San Francisco, CA since 1999  •  Over 40 years of national/international dance study, travel, performance (nightclubs, restaurants, telegrams, festivals, museums, lectures, corporate events, military bases, etc.), and instruction; and over-all, all-inclusive decades’ dance experience since 1974  •  •  •  •